Health information system

Health information system is the database belonging to the national information system where the data related to the healthcare sector are processed. Medisoft has developed several modules of health information system, also performs development and maintenance works.


The service of digi-registration enables the patient to obtain the detailed overview of the available doctor’s appointments through the central web portal all over Estonia. The suitable time can be booked through the portal to the required doctor and, if needed, also to cancel the chosen time of appointment. You can choose in the digi-registration whether you wish to use the services financed by the health insurance fund or chargeable services. The visit fees can be also paid in the digi-registration. The electronic referral letter simplifies the communication and information exchange between the patient and the doctor.

Central system of e-emergency card

The subsystem of health information system performing the functionality of the central system of e-emergency card, incl data exchange XML (HL7) based with the alarm centre, mobile workplace of the emergency care team and provider of the heath service. The emergency portal enables the communication with health information system and code centre by the emergency care establishments, ambulance teams, health board and citizens.

E-laboratory standards  

Solutions of central system

The majority of Medisoft clients who are the providers of health service has interfaced with health information system and forward and exchange the data with TIS.

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