Museum information system

The Museum Information System MuIS is the national Internet-based infotechnological tool for performing everyday work of museums, creating and management of the cross-museum database and mediation of inter-museum information. The information system was ready for use by June 2008.


The Estonian Museum Information System MuIS enables to make the information found in the museums available for the specialists as well as for all other interested persons. The information system consists abstractly of two parts: working environment accessible for the registered users and public website The portal is in Estonian, Russian and English; the information entered by the museums is at first in Estonian. The portal was completed by October 2010.


As of today (9 June 2014) MuIS is used by 61 museums, incl all national museums. The information on 2 479 667 exhibits has been entered to the information system (incl about 599 045 digi-images).

MuIS enables to perform the specific operations of museum work over all museums joined the information system, e.g. search of cross-museum exhibits for the exhibitions. The information found in the collections of the museums and the exhibitions prepared on the basis of the museum collections become available also for web visitors which enables the persons outside the museum add his/her own information to the joint database.

The information system of the museums enables the recording of the exhibits, description, data collection arrangement, management and keeping record of these.

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