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The software has been created specially for family doctors. The program has been developed since 1997 and development continues. While developing the information system, we make all amendments and updates, that are based on changes in legal acts, Health Insurance Fund’s price list and Health information system standards. The development of legal acts is coordinated by the Family Medicine Information Technology Development Council. Solutions for amendments and innovations are discussed, coordinated and tested by the working group of the Estonian Family Doctors Association. At the same time, GPs themselves are the developers of the program, as many changes are made at the suggestion of doctors.

The information system PEREARST has been established for the family doctors, health centres and other medical establishments for the simplification of the everyday work. The software is used by a large number of Estonian family doctors, thanks to whom the continuous feedback and product development of the client support is functioning for enhancing the functionality and user convenience.

The information system facilitates the strenuous work of the doctor, guarantees the timeliness and truthfulness of the data, preserves the data correctly and systematically, enables to obtain the information for reporting easily and guarantees the security of the data.


Patient registry – enables to enter and correct the personal data of patients and control the security of the health insurance fund.

Digital health record – enables to enter the data of the patient’s medical history, prepare and enter examinations and procedures, view or complete the pricelists, fill in the forms of laboratory studies, prepare and print out the invoices, certificates for incapacity for work, medical referral letters and health certificates, health examination records, driver’s medical certificate, questionnaire of weapons warehouse, notice of infectious diseases and application of lists. Also, electronic ordering of lab analyses and electronic receipt of answers, automatic adding of lab services to the invoices of treatment services in case of electronically sent answers, review of answers of x-rays and x-ray examinations from the databases of TÜ Kliinikum and PERH, following the development of infant, vaccination calendar and entering of vaccinations, prescriptions, lists of medicines and agents and the control of benefits over Internet.

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