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The information system LIISA is a complete service-based solution for medical institutions developed by AS Medisoft, which due to its modular structure is applicable in large hospitals, also in care and rehabilitation establishments, both in medical establishments providing rehabilitation service and occupational health institutions as well as in the smaller private practices.

The information system LIISA has met all requirements established by the Ministry of Social Affairs to interface with health information system (incl Digi-documentation, document queries, Digi-health record, Digi-registration, etc) and Estonian Health Insurance Fund (incl. financial records, insurance queries, digi-prescription, etc. Achieved connection to digi-photo and Dermtest picture viewer).

The access to the data of the information system LIISA is allowed only by the authorized users. The domain is entered to with ID-card. The activities allowed for the users are established with the system of roles and rights. All activities of the users are logged.

Today, the information system LIISA is used by more than 90 medical institutions.

Today, the LIISA hospital pharmacy program is used by all pharmacies of larger and smaller hospitals in Estonia.


Ly Uibopuu, field manager of Hospital Information System
+372 659 5768

Ulvi Jõgioja, sales manager of Hospital Information System

+372 659 5740